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We are fully digital; paperless. Any paper provided to us is scanned and prepared for bookkeeping.

You are welcome - encouraged - to provide your paperwork digitally. Due to the sensitive nature of your paperwork and our workflow, we only accept paperwork that is uploaded to our secure client portals. We never accept any documents by email.

Please note that the only acceptable formats are: Excel Spreadsheets, Word Docs and PDFs (preferable). No pictures or screenshots please. Google Sheets are acceptable as uploads but we cannot accept shares.

Click the PDF Icon for guidelines on paperwork submission.

We employ 2 separate Portals for paperwork submission:

OneHub for uploading files if you are not on Suralink.

Suralink for managing file provision as well as managing outstanding information requirements.

Please contact us if you are not sure which portal(s) is setup for your company.

Click the logo to login:

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