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Our mantra is "efficient and accurate".

We reach for the stars with our service commitment.

As a small- or medium-sized business you need to remain efficient to maintain your competitive edge and increase profitability.

Your file is cared for by at least 2 staff members. 1 person does the bookkeeping and another - a QA (Quality Assurance) Manager - checks it. This process ensures that the quality of our work is second to none. 

In addition to your dedicated bookkeepers, you also have the focus of our bookkeeping assistant and general manager who ensure that your questions, update requirements and unique needs are managed with priority and care.

Franca Spiteri oversees all bookkeeping and client care. Our clients benefit from Franca's knowledge and experience yet remain serviced on-time. It also enables us to provide industry knowledgeable associates in our team environment for you. All this for the same rate as your typical lone bookkeeper.

Have you ever had a bookkeeper who has:

  • Been unable to respond quickly to your needs because they're too busy?

  • Left you at a disadvantage because they did not have industry specific knowledge?

  • Caused you grief and wasted efforts because of poor communication?

  • Embarrassed you with clients and suppliers by not acting as a professional should act?

  • Been a square peg when you needed a round hole filled?

  • Left you without support due to illness, vacations, mysterious disappearances?

Our structure is designed to avoid these unfortunate situations.

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