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Spiteri Associates sponsors a World Vision child on behalf of its clients and partners. We renew our commitment every December and are provided updates by World Vision through an Annual Progress Report of our sponsor child's community.

Our sponsor child is Vianney Akimana. He was born on the same day as the youngest son of Spiteri Associates' partners Franca and Mark. 


Photo of Vianney when we first started sponsoring him in 2012


From Vianney:

Hello, my name is Vianney

I live in Burundi with my parents. I have 2 brothers. I am currently enrolled in primary school and my favourite subject is mathematics. I like to play football. I am in good health. 

Vianney in 2018

Vianney at 11.jpg

Vianney in 2019


Vianney in 2020

Vianney in 2022

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